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Claims Unit Supervisor

Outstanding claims management opportunity with a growing regional insurance carrier. This is a superior opportunity to move your career forward in both technical and administration responsibilities.


*1.Demonstrated expertise in investigating, evaluating, negotiating, and settling of all types of commercial and personal property/casualty claims.

*2. Demonstrated ability to analyze information and make effective decisions.

*3. Possess a positive, professional, cooperative, and quality conscious service attitude that upholds the core values of integrity, relationships, and excellence.

*4. Ability to control quality and quantity of work in unit.

*5. Ability to train, develop and motivate employees.

*6. Ability to evaluate the performance of people.

*7. Available for overnight travel as required.

*8. Strong leadership skills.

*9. Strong oral and written communication skills.

*10. Ability to lead by example – attendance, integrity, positive attitude and self development.


*1. Control claim reserves and payments on all claims in unit.

*2. Supervise the investigation, evaluation, negotiation and settlement of claims.

*3. Train and develop multiple adjusters in this unit.

*4. Control work flow.

*5. Complete performance appraisals and participate in salary recommendations.

*6. Assist in selection of new employees.

*7. Develop and maintain excellent rapport with our agency force.

*8. Technical and overall administration responsibilities.

Top Compensation, benefits, and career advancement. Contact us today for more details.

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